Consigners Collection



Q: Why should I consign with Consigners Collection?
We will professionally price and stage your furniture and home accessories to ensure you receive payment for your items as quickly as possible. Our experienced staff carefully selects desirable, high quality items for our store. This creates high foot traffic, quick turnover and consistent repeat customers making it easy for your items to see a profit.


Q: What if my item doesn't sell?
As we have years of experience in determining consignable items, it is unusual that your consignment will not sell. In the rare cases when consignments remain on our showroom floor for over 120 days, you can decide to come and collect your items within 5 days, or the item will  become the property of Consigners Collection.
Items that become the property of the store may be discounted and sold with 50% of the proceeds going to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They also may be painted and sold at full price or donated to Pawsabilities. If the store decides to paint your unsold item, Consigners Collection will retain the proceeds to cover cost of supplies and labor. 


Q: Will you notify me if my item sells?
Unfortunately, as we have a full showroom we are unable to notify consigners if their item has sold or not. It is the sole responsibility of the consigner to check back on their items and collect their earnings. 


Q: How do you establish pricing?
We set our pricing so that you get a check as quickly as possible but not so high that the items don’t sell. We promise to carefully research, catalogue, determine fair market value of your item, and price tag. Additionally, your item will be professionally arranged on our showroom floor to maximize interest.


Q: What items will you not accept?
As we maintain a high standard of quality for our buyers, we cannot accept items that are stained, faded, ripped, broken or in need of refinishing. Nor can we accept clothing, jewelry, drapery, electronic items, bedding or mattresses.


Q: Do you offer layaway?
Currently, we do not offer layaway. However, we are happy to put pieces on a 24 hour hold for you. 


Q: Will you load purchased items into our vehicle?
We do not always have the manpower to help load larger pieces. Please come prepared when heavy lifting is involved. 


Q: Do you deliver?
We do offer delivery on select pieces based on availability and moving difficulty. Please consult with a team member to see if the item you would like to purchase applies. If we are not able to deliver your piece, we are happy to recommend a professional local mover to assist you.




Q: Why should I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?
 It is absolutely the best product for painting furniture. No more sanding or priming, no toxic fumes, beautiful designer colors plus it is very easy to use. 


Q: I bought the paint... now what?
Not sure where to start? We are happy to help! Join us for an introductory paint class where we can give you tips and tricks to get started. If you are ready to dive right in, just remember to clean your piece before you paint with a damp cloth and Dawn dish detergent to break down the grease.


Q: What size paint can is best for me?
This really just depends on the project you are undertaking! You can cover 150 square feet with a quart of paint, and 18 square feet with 4oz of paint. 


Q: Are you able to paint a piece for me?
Absolutely! We have a fabulous in-house painter who would love to make your vision come to life! For a quote, email us (or bring in photos) of the piece you would like painted along with a description of what you are looking for. From there we can give you a quote along with a completion timeline.